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Customer Feedback 9/7/16

Mike and colleagues – Just trying to catch up on outstanding emails and at the very top of the list is a note to say a huge thank you for your contribution towards making Deb’s significant a thundering success. We have had many thank you’s since about the evening and how upbeat it was with a lovely atmosphere and one of the main reasons was your music and the efforts of Barbara on the floor.

She really was quite superb and we were at another significant on Saturday and they really needed a Barbara to coax the guests away from their chatting and on to the floor.

We have seen video clips since and many pictures of our bash and there was a real energy and enthusiasm being demonstrated with your great music in the background.

Therefore a big thanks to all and do cascade this on to the group who came to Farnborough. We would certainly like to book you again down the line and we are also looking at your web site for other public dates during the autumn to come down and join in.

We hope you enjoyed the evening with us and were able to use the bar and also the catering.

Best wishes to all

Deb and Andy