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Saturday 30th May 2015

A trip to Thornbury near Bristol to celebrate Diana’s birthday at Thornbury Golf Club. Very nice upper floor function room ideal for the 80 guests with wonderful views. A chance for us to meet up with Steve Cunio from Yeovil who called for the evening. Here is Steve ‘walking’ the dancers through a dance



17th May ’15 Golden Wedding Celebration

Dave & Sylvia’s Golden Wedding at Centrepoint Waterlooville. Customer feedback…..

Thank you so very much for Playing at our “BIT OF A DO” on the 17th May. WE had a brilliant time and every body had a great time. I have had some super feedback which is lovely. YOU all were great and made the evening go with a swing adding our Rock and Roll and Walze slot in as well so a huge thank to you all. I apologise if I did not say goodbye and Thank you on the night. Hope this makes up for it. I do not know if many people have their dogs at a barn dance. Ours, AMBER was a Star. Very many Thanks once again. CHEERS Sylvia and David x

Saturday 9th May 2015

Hi,just a quick email to say thanks to your band for a wonderful evening yesterday! Everyone really enjoyed the music and dancing and commented on how good Barbara was as a caller. Thanks again for getting everyone laughing and worn out! It was some people’s first barn dance and they won’t be forgetting it in a hurry!

Thanks Emily for the email. This was a barn dance social for Chichester Family Church with caller Barbara, and Lucy, Stephen and Luke in the band.

An evening when we overcame one of our rare car breakdowns (only our 3rd since we started), and still managed to get to the gig and get going at the booked 7:30pm start time. Thanks to Mike for getting the backup vehicle to the breakdown and getting Luke back on the road while he waited for the breakdown lorry.