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23rd August Hambledon

Our annual visit to Hambledon for their torch procession and barn dance last Saturday. Although a cold evening enthusiastic dancing up to 11pm. It was great to have John, Ted and Graham from the Billydooz band with us to warm things up with some rock and roll before the barn dancing.  Feedback from member of public………………

Dear Mike
Just to say we had a fantastic time at the Hambledon barn dance last Saturday. You and the Woodsiders gave us a great evening. The music and dancing were brilliant!
Many thanks
Liz and Paul

2/8/14 – Ruby Wedding Barn Dance

Netley Abbey hall was the venue for this Ruby wedding barn dance with caller Barbara, and Mike, Stephen and Paul in the band. Check out the photos on this link and customer feedback on our Facebook page


Petersfield 2/8/14

Birthday party with caller Charles, and John, Ted & Luke. Customer feedback………..

Hi Mike

What a treat it was for us to see everyone having such a great time at our birthday bash on Saturday night. The band were brilliant, as was your caller who really succeeded in getting people to put their drink down and join in! Even people who never normally dance at parties were taking part and having fun. Our guests went home smiling saying what a great idea it was and we have loads of memories to treasure, thank you!

Giles & Tania Chaplin

Woodcraft Folk Camp Barn Dance 2014

A great time for the end of camp barn dance (1/2/14) for the London branch of Woodcraft Folk. The rain just held off and we had over 400 children and helpers dancing in 2 groups in the open air. Skillfully led by caller Barbara there was enthusiastic dancing even in the darkness at 10pm! Thank you for booking us – we really enjoyed the evening Monika.