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8th November 2014

A wedding celebration barn dance with caller Barbara and Elaine Cullinane (violin), Patrick Revell (guitar) and Luke (drums) in the band. Enthusiastic dancing from the wedding guests made for a great evening. Customer feedback on our Facebook page….



1st November 2014

Also on the 1st Mike, David and Matt were with Barbara in Alton for a birthday celebration barn dance for Shirley. A great venue at the Bell House Dance Studio – a converted convent with great acoustic and dance floor. Customer feedback ……….

Hi Mike,
Thanks for making Sarah’s party a great night, we all had a good time and loved the music and Barbara’s instruction.
Kind regards


1st November 2014

10th anniversary celebration barn dance for the Multi Sports Club in Eastleigh. See their Facebook page.

Charles calling with John Ted & Luke in the band